About Charge & Drive

Fortum’s program for electric transportation has been ongoing in various forms since the 1980s, and in 2011 it was commercialized under the Charge & Drive brand.

We are now strengthening our market position in the Nordics and expanding internationally, continuously developing our SaaS platform, and deploying the first international Ultra-Fast Charging stations.

Turnkey & SaaS Solutions

Fortum Charge & Drive offers turn-key solutions in our Nordic markets (Finland, Sweden, Norway) and our white-label SaaS cloud solution for our international clients.

Our service was originally developed for our own use in a mass market with paying clients. Our “proof of concept” has been becoming the market leader in the leading EV market in the world, and we now share our cloud-based SaaS solution with our clients to help them build successful charging businesses around the globe.

We are dedicated to constantly improving and developing the service. We introduce new features every 2 weeks, and are in constant dialogue with our partners and clients to set development road-maps and priorities.

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About Fortum

Fortum’s vision “For a cleaner world” reflects our ambition to drive the transformation towards a low-emissions energy system and optimal resource efficiency. We provide our customer with electricity, heat and cooling, as well as other energy solutions that improve our present and future environment.

Already 97% of our electricity generation in the EU is CO2 free. Our main markets are the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, Poland, and India. In 2016 we employed over 8100 energy sector professionals, and our sales were EUR 3.6 billion.

Fortum’s vision for a cleaner world

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