Drive me to the moon!


When Charge & Drive started in 2011 the main objective was to find a partner for EV charging. It was about finding those truly early movers that could be partners for the very first locations. It was about getting a partner to connect the chargers, and to be able to operate them remotely.

We even had EVs back then which we had made ourselves out of combustion cars – a Passat and a couple of Fiats. We were four people in three countries. Norway’s car market at the time still mostly consisted of combustion engine cars and some hilarious early stage electric vehicles like the Buddy. And even back then, Norway had EV subsidies: no car tax, no VAT, free parking, free charging, and free ferries. When the Nissan Leaf was launched, we had found that partner we were looking for. It was after our partnership with Nissan (among others), that our world started to change.

Today, six years later, our team is tenfold, we run a network of over 1 400 chargers, we are the market leader in the Nordics, and one of the main operators in Europe. We operate roughly 11% of all quick chargers in Europe. Our main home market, Norway, is by far the leading EV market and to date, the only mass market in the world. Our partners in over 11 countries run chargers with our system and are on a great trajectory to build regional, national and even international charging networks.

Last year, in 2016 alone, the Fortum Charge & Drive system enabled directly or indirectly over 25 000 000 CO2 -free kilometers!  That’s over 617 times around the world, or to the moon or back more than once per week (64 times per year)! That said, getting weekly to the moon or back would require a travel speed of almost 2300km/h, – which is almost as fast as e-mobility is developing!

Have a great and electrified summer!