"We are very pleased with Fortum, on all levels. I would not hesitate to recommend Fortum strongly. Everything is delivered on time, and their service and experience is excellent."

Sture Portvik
Project leader for Electrical Vehicles and charging infrastructure in the City of Oslo, Agency for Urban Environment

"Fortum Charge & Drive has a high professional standard, and it is highly recognized in the business, so the choice was easy."

Ásdis Gíslason, Marketing Manager, ON Power

"We chose to work with Charge & Drive as we believe it is the most mature solution on the market."

Henrik Bristav, Sustainability Strategist at Umeå Energi AB, Sweden

"We have been really satisfied by the fast response and professional attitude of Fortum Charge & Drive."

Tiina Vehmala-Viksten, Development Manager at ABC, Finland

"Charge & Drive and McDonald’s have worked together in Norway for the past 4 years, the co-operation has been very positive, always with a good dialogue so that we are co-creating solutions that meet our needs."

Eduardo Jacobsen Franchisee, McDonald’s Norway

"The Charge & Drive solutions are well designed and nicely packaged, which means that they are simple to understand and easy to purchase."

Christoffer Svanberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Skellefteå Kraft

“We selected Charge & Drive as our operating platform for two reasons. Firstly, Charge & Drive is the leading operator in the Nordic markets, which has seen mass adoption of electric vehicles, and it is experienced in all aspects of the value chain – from customer support to building new city EV charging networks. Secondly, Charge & Drive is charge point manufacturer-agnostic and has more than 15 charging manufacturers already integrated into the back end, allowing Franklin to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape and bring new emerging technologies to market before its competitors.”

Robert Byrne, CEO & Founder, Franklin Energy

“We selected the Fortum Charge & Drive system because Fortum has a wealth of experience and their system supports our business model, promoting the EV Driver brand as a highly professional and forward thinking company that both owns our own network of charging stations as well as operating charging stations for other companies across East Anglia. The synergy between the two companies was obvious from the outset, and we are delighted to be working with Fortum to create a robust and reliable network throughout the UK that connects our drivers with the extensive Fortum network.”

Linda Grave, Director, EV Driver