SaaS Could Solution


The Best Could Solution for Operating an EV Charging Network

Fortum Charge & Drive’s platform was originally developed for our own use; we wanted to be able to connect chargers from multiple hardware manufactures, we needed powerful segmenting and pricing tools, and we needed to be able to control the network remotely. Above all, the system needed to serve our end users: the EV drivers. To best serve our customers, we have created apps that show drivers where they can locate charging stations, what chargers are available, and provide a portal where they can see their charging history, get receipts, and update their payment information.

The platform we created was robust and reliable, continually tested and improved in Norway (the only EV consumer mass-market in the world), as well as Finland and Sweden (markets in different stages of development with unique, individual needs) that we decided to make our business software available to others. The solution is cloud-based with white-label consumer apps. The business software is the backbone of our operations as the leading CPO in the Nordics, and we have made it available to help grow your charging business.

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