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Discover New Freedom: Seamless EV Travel with Our Route Planner!

Our innovative Route Planner is designed to ensure you enjoy seamless travel experiences, with 30,000 charging points across The Nordics. Through our extensive network, you also gain access to multiple charge point operators such as Recharge, Kople, IONITY, Virta, Lidl, Everon, Qwello, OKQ8, E.ON, K-Lataus, Allego, Greenflux and many more, ensuring comprehensive coverage and convenience wherever your journey takes you.

The Route Planner analyzes 15 different factors, such as weather, road conditions, and traffic, to tailor your journey to your specific needs and preferences. When you're traveling from point A to point B and need to charge along the way, a dedicated route planner for public electric vehicle charging is invaluable.

  • Accurate forecasting of energy consumption along any route

  • Estimations of charging duration tailored to any electric vehicle

  • Identification of the optimal charging stations along your journey

Integrated seamlessly into the Fortum Charge & Drive app, this powerful tool simplifies your charging experiences on the move.

📍 Summer Road Trips Just Got Smoother!

Summer is the perfect time to embrace the freedom of the open road and explore the stunning landscapes of the Nordics. Whether you're cruising along Norway's spectacular Atlantic Road, experiencing the cultural richness of Sweden's Göta Canal, or enjoying the serene beauty of Finland's Saimaa Lake District, our Route Planner ensures your adventure is seamless and stress-free.

Now, you can easily and seamlessly plan your summer trips with precise directions and time-efficient routes, perfect for maximizing your experience during the summer vacation.

With our Route Planner, you can:

  • Plan Efficiently: Get precise directions and time-efficient routes, ensuring you make the most of your summer vacation.

  • Find Charging Stations: Locate nearby charging stations effortlessly, so you can focus on enjoying the journey rather than worrying about your battery level.

  • Customize Your Trip: Tailor your route by specifying your vehicle model and current battery charge level, ensuring optimal charging stops along the way.

Make this summer the best one yet with our Route Planner. Try it today and discover a new level of convenience and efficiency on the road!

Why opt for our route planner over Google Maps?

By now, you've likely grown accustomed to navigating using Google or Apple Maps. While they excel in providing real-time turn-by-turn directions, they lack functionalities crucial for EV drivers. Specifically, they overlook your car's remaining battery charge and its implications on travel distance.

In Fortum Charge & Drive route planner feature, you'll start by selecting your vehicle model. Additionally, you'll input the current battery charge level and your desired charge level upon arrival.

Using this information, the route planner compute the most efficient route to your destination, detailing where and for how long you'll need to charge. Moreover, you have the option to transfer the generated route to your phone's map application or your car's onboard navigation system for seamless guidance.

How to plan your charging with Fortum Charge & Drive

Below are detailed, step-by-step instructions for utilizing our route planner. However, it's quite intuitive to use, so feel free to skip ahead if you prefer.

1. Find the route planner on the charging map

  • Click on the highlighted S-shaped route icon to open the route planner.

2. Enter your starting point and destination

  • Select your current location or search for an address or point of interest.

  • If needed, add multiple waypoints for errands or pickups along the route.

  • Input the remaining charge at the beginning of your journey and your desired remaining charge upon arrival.

3. Choose your car

  • Add your car model to use the route planner

  • You’ll also get accurate information about your range and supported plug types

4. Plan your route

  • Click on the Plan trip button to calculate the route and charging stops

  • To save you time on your journey, we’ll only show DC chargers

  • Click on the Show alternative charging options button to see other places to charge

5. Get the route to your map app

  • Click on the Open navigation button in your route

  • Click on Apple Maps or Google Maps to transfer the route to your navigation app

Go to the app and make your summer trip easier!

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