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Fortum Charge & Drive has the most advanced solutions to connect an electric vehicle to the charging network. We are the leading electric mobility provider (EMP) in the Nordics, and we deliver everything from sophisticated mobile applications to solid customer support.

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We are your best partner if you are a...

Fleet owner

Fleet owners can benefit by using Charge & Drive to enable their employees to have access to 30,000 public electric vehicle charging stations across the Nordics.

Car rental company

Car rental companies can benefit by using Charge & Drive to lower your overall operational cost, ability to charge all types of EVs, and also by meeting your sustainability goals.

Leasing company

Leasing companies can benefit by using Charge & Drive by setting up smart charging and support services, and get access to a large network of public chargers.

Why partner with us?

All charge bills, one invoice

When you partner with us, you can login to our portal to see all your car charging invoices in one bill. Here you can go through the data in details.

Get full control over your chargings

You can allow your customers to locate charging stations, check availability and compatibility, and manage their personal accounts.

30,000 charging points across Nordic

30,000 charging points across Nordic

Stay connected to the largest charging network in the Nordics, Recharge, while also gaining access to major networks such as Kople, IONITY, Virta, Lidl, Everon, Qwello, OKQ8, E.ON, Lidl, K-Lataus, Allego, Greenflux, and many more!

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One app - Multiple charge point operators

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