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One App for All Your Charging Needs

Fortum Charge & Drive Triples Nordic Network and Welcomes 30 000 Charge Points for Nordic Customers

The app Fortum Charge & Drive provides all the tools you need to locate charging stations and power your electric vehicle on the go.

Fortum Charge & Drive close to triples the amount of available charge points in the Nordic countries, to make sure that you have a charger available almost anywhere you might find yourself. All the tools you need can be found in the app Fortum Charge & Drive.

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– We have made agreements with several charging network partners. This enables our customers in the Nordics access to a much greater network of chargers, both rapid and standard, in the Nordic countries, affirms Ove Mørch, Head of Fortum Charge & Drive.

This means that Fortum Charge & Drive will have 12 200 available charge points in Norway, 9 700 in Sweden and 5 800 in Finland.

Customers will continue to have access to the largest charging network in the Nordics, Recharge, but can in the future also access large networks such as IONITY, Mer, Virta, E.ON and many more.

Everything in one app 📱

Planning your trip ahead is rarely a poor choice, and this also applies to trips with electric vehicles. In the app Fortum Charge & Drive you’re able to see where the charging stations are located and plan your itinerary accordingly. The majority of charging stations are located along the busiest roads and highways.

While on the go, you can utilize Fortum Charge & Drive to locate your closest charging station. Additionally, you will also be able to see whether they’re occupied or not.

As for payment, you have the choice between paying directly in the app or ordering a charging key to facilitate charging and payment without the need for a phone. Your sole task to enable charging is to download the app and create an account, and connect a debit card to it.

– Our goal is to be the one app you rely on for charging on the go. Through the app, you have full control over what chargers are available, and you can initiate charging, stop charging and complete payments for charging all directly through the app, Mørch summarizes.

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80 percent is sufficient 🔋

Getting sufficient charge levels on your vehicle to embark on the next step of your journey is not necessarily such a prolonged endeavor.

– Many modern electric vehicles are able to recharge from 20 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. The actual charge speed and time will depend on the charging station, your vehicle, and other circumstances like temperature, Mørch explains.

Ideally, you shouldn’t fast charge your battery above 80 percent. One reason for this is that your car lowers the charging speed as you approach the 80 percent mark. Additionally, it is cheaper (and no more time-consuming) to use a slower rapid charger or even a standard charger if the goal is 100 percent charge.

Another good tip on your electric travels is to charge when you can, not when you have to. This will help you avoid worrisome charging situations, making your journey more relaxing and pleasant. Do you feel like stretching your legs, getting an ice cream cone or grabbing a coffee – and there happens to be a charging station close by? Then you may as well charge too!

To read more about charging your electric vehicle or discover additional charging hacks, check out Fortum Charge & Drive’s home page.

The extended network will become available from June 2023.

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The updated amount of available charge points in Fortum Charge & Drive App:
  • Norway: 12 200+

  • Sweden: 9 700+

  • Finland: 5 800+

  • Nordics: 30 000+

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