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Important information about charging at Oslo municipality

As a customer of Fortum Charge & Drive, you have until now been able to use our app or RFID chip to charge an electric car at Oslo municipality's electric car chargers.

Oslo municipality has decided to change the supplier of their system for electric car chargers, and because of this it will no longer be possible to use the Fortum Charge & Drive app or chip to start and stop charging at Oslo municipality's chargers.

What does this mean to you?

From now on, you must use the app 'Bil i Oslo' to charge at Oslo municipality's chargers, which you will find available for download on the App Store and Google Play. During a transition period from week 24 (12-18 June) to 1 July, there will be some chargers that work with 'Car in Oslo' and some chargers that work with Fortum Charge & Drive (app and/or charging chip). If the charger is not available in 'Car in Oslo', you must still use Fortum Charge & Drive.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for you as a customer of Fortum Charge & Drive, and we hope that at a later date we can again cooperate with Oslo municipality on the use of electric car chargers in Oslo. For all further questions related to charging on Oslo municipality's chargers, we refer you to the Oslo municipality's City Environment Agency.

We greatly appreciate that you are our customer, and emphasize that the change only applies to Oslo municipality's chargers. At all other charging stations, you can continue to use our app and chip as before.

Did you know that you can order RFID cards in the app, so charging will be even easier? 🚗⚡

In the app, you can now also order RFID cards if you wish, so you can easily charge by "covering" the chip or card on the charger - without having to open the app.