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Kjell Ivar Tungland

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Dec 1, 2022·2 min read



    Electric cars are cool

    MAIJA HALME has been a satisfied electric car driver for almost a year.The reasons why she chose to go electric for her next car, apart from the environmental aspects, were that the car is very easy to charge and requires minimal servicing. 

    Maija portrait

    “We really appreciate new technology, and it is also very convenient on a freezing winter morning to be able to switch on the heating and have a nice warm car when I set off.It’s great not to have to scrape the car free of ice,” says Maija. 

    The number of electric cars and charging stations has grown and is increasing rapidly. 

    “Our car has a range of around 300 kilometres in the summer.Charging is no problem either.Here in the capital area, there are plenty of fast chargers in the immediate vicinity.At home, we charge the car’s battery with a charging box and home charging from Fortum Charge & Drive,” Maija goes on. 

    The main thing preventing electric cars from really taking off and becoming the next big thing, Maija believes, is old preconceptions about battery life.These are not true at all of today’s electric cars. 

    “The best thing about this is that I can help to influence the mindset of future generations.For my children, the electric car is the new normal.They wonder why people still drive around in cars that smell bad, when you can get the energy you need to run a car in a much cooler way,” she concludes.