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Kjell Ivar Tungland

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Feb 28, 2023·1 min read



    Updates in Terms and Conditions

    We are continuously working on improving our services, and as a part of that we are now updating our Terms and Conditions to better reflect our offering and the fast development in EV-charging.

    The changes mainly reflect an update in the description of our service, and is intended to be easier to read and understand. Some examples that impact you as a user are:

    • We now reserve the right to reserve an amount when a charging session starts, to minimize fraud. This is similar to existing praxis on traditional petrol stations, and now commonly used in EV-charging.

    • We have clarified and separated responsibilities for consumers, compared to companies

    • We have clarified that pricing always can be checked and confirmed in the app, as pricing on stickers may not be up-to-date

    As a user you do not have to do anything. By continuing to use our service you thereby accept the new Terms and Conditions, as valid from April 1st 2023.

    If you are not willing to accept the new terms, you can terminate your account by sending us an email at (Sweden), (Norway) or (Finland).